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      Megan's Story 
 I was born and raised in Monticello, Iowa and was blessed to grow up in a loving family that not only supported my dreams, but encouraged them. My parents endured my entrepreneurial spirit through inventions, my need to take in stray animals and embraced my need to create. I couldn't help it really - I come from a family of creative women!
My grandma Elaine started The Century House flower and gift shop in Monticello which is still there today, my mom Lynne has an unbelievable knack for interior decorating - she could turn a cardboard box into a cozy residence. My sister Nikki excelled in vocal musical and theater. I knew some day I would fulfill my passion to create and with something people would be excited about!
After having two children of my own, Ashton and Jack - my career path led me into education where my creative side and love for children blended harmoniously. Our family moved to McKinney, Texas for my husband's job in 2007 where I started working with preschool students and eventually became the director of a preschool program. We moved back to Marion, Iowa to be closer to family where I started my own preschool and eventually took a position with the Linn-Mar School District. I am passionate about education and children - I love being surrounded by children each day and teachers who give 100% to their students. I know how hard teachers work. 
My other passion - CUPCAKES- maybe obsessed is a more accurate word! I had been baking cupcakes for quite some time and felt like I was getting pretty good at it. One afternoon when I was home with my kids who were both a little under the weather, I wanted to cheer them up, so I suggested we bake. My daughter Ashton and I created fun and exciting cupcake flavors to try. We baked and penciled out detailed flavor descriptions. The cupcakes turned out so well we called family and friends and shared them with everyone we knew.....the idea was beginning to form. Cupcakes? Just maybe!
I continued baking cupcakes with fervency - perfecting my art and trying new recipes. In December 2011, I wanted a way to thank the teaching staff I work with for everything they do, so I surprised them by promising to bring a different flavor of my cupcakes in to work each day until Christmas. They were enthusiastic about the idea to say the least! They ate, they shared, and they raved - the idea began to grow. Teachers began ordering the cupcakes and after just a few short weeks, I was getting calls from complete strangers who had tried my cupcakes and loved them. It was meant to be..........Take the Cake Gourmet Cupcakes was born!
 I love baking cupcakes and seeing people “ooh” and “aah” over a delicious hand-held treat. Cupcakes are a simple way to enjoy a taste of something bigger – an extravagant way to celebrate - a great way to share a sweet treat with someone special. My dream is that everyone who tries my cupcakes will find a flavor they love and for my business to grow so we can share fabulous cupcakes, my passion, and friendship with more people each day. Thank you for choosing Take the Cake Cupcakes - Enjoy!
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